Alausi - Ecuador

This beautiful Andean place is known as the city of the 5 heritages, ideal for national and international tourism, it has unique attractions such as: The historical and patrimonial center of the city “,” Lagunas de Ozogoche “,” El Camino del Inca “” Black Bridge “and the mythical” Nose of the Devil, solid rocks and steep mountains make the train to make a double zigzag and take the retro route until arriving at the station of Sibambe better known as Pistishi . Visiting Ecuador is an exciting and unusual adventure, come to the beautiful Alausí, located in the southern part of the province of Chimborazo at 320Kms. With direction to the south of the Capital Quito; 170 Kms. To the east of Guayaquil and 190 Kms to the north of the city of Cuenca; With height of 2374 msnm and temperature of 14 degrees. Alausí, the first population founded by the Spanish conquistadors in what is now the Republic of Ecuador, for its architecture and culture was declared Cultural Heritage of the Country.


adventure and nature in one place

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